Inovess has a special focus on the quality of construction of the construction projects through the implementation of works, reconstruction of residential and service buildings. With professional teams, with a long experience, we guarantee the completion of the construction cycle by offering technical solutions and respecting deadlines. Inovess Construction and Management is a company which offers a dedicated service in the construction sector since 2017. Prone to innovative solutions, is the first company in Albania that offers a service in project management with a new business model. Through subcontracting, tourism and residential projects are coordinated with a focus on sales. In project management through its services, Inovess fills the market gaps for both construction companies and clients, providing rapid progress in the successful development of a project. 


To be a leading company in the construction sector in Albania for reconstruction services, construction project implementation and project management. To provide differentiated services with high standard quality for the public and private sector. We tend towards innovation and energy efficiency.



  • Closing the cycle of works and services inside the company in every link of a project.
  • Providing a service with safe technical solutions and perfect coordination.
  • Guaranteeing a qualified staff with the best working conditions and technical safety.
  • Providing high quality materials and competitive prices.
  • Guaranteeing reliability of the works to each client.
  • Innovative approach by supporting company services with innovation.
  • Contributing to the environmental protection and the transmission of values to the community.



  • Through our services we create value for the community and society by evaluating higher standards.
  • We believe in the energy and spirit of the team.
  • The company’s culture is built on dignity, integrity and reliability.
  • We tend towards innovation and innovation solutions.
  • The environment requires special care as it determines the quality of our life.
  • In our work we also care for future generations.