In the construction sector, Inovess has part of its team qualified staff of engineers, architects and workers who carry out all the projects based on a defined engineering and architectural plan. We offer high efficiency in any construction service, enabling you to save time and money. We always tend towards innovation, providing high benefits to our customers. Recruiting the best people in our field is our priority. We try to encourage a dynamic environment that provides opportunities for growth but that essentially promotes team accountability. With a career development and training plan, our staff can respond to market dynamics and customer requirements at any time.



  • Implementation of works for civil and industrial constructions
  • Reconstruction of residential and service buildings
  • Earthworks, excavations
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Masonry and plastering works
  • Waterproofing
  • Electrical and hydraulic works
  • Gypsum and Grafiato
  • Painting and drywall
  • Tile and parquet laying
  • Facade works, Coat System



Inovess has at its disposal qualified working groups for each process, ensuring the closure of the entire work cycle  through the application of the latest techniques.
We make available to the client a team of engineers to support in designing or providing technical solutions. Inovess cooperates with the most trusted partners to provide high quality and low cost materials. Inovess specialists have a very long working experience and the company has a special focus on investing in policies which provide a considerable number of specialists available at any given time. 
With the focus on the client, we work oriented to guarantee
quality, compliance with deadlines and defined budgets. For us the company’s name is more important than any profit margin.