In the construction sector, Inovess Construction and Management subcontracts processes and manages day-to-day works with a focus on sales. In ongoing consultation with the executives of the business partner, Inovess Construction and Management defines management approaches and techniques with clear objectives and concrete work plans. Our clients are prestigious companies in the field of construction who have trusted the experience of our staff, who knows every detail of construction in the Albanian market.
Precise procedures and coordination of processes between departments are our strengths.

We are experts in project management offering:

  • Feasibility study
  • Market and competition study
  • Consumer analysis
  • Business plan
  • Sales strategy building and implementation
  • Marketing strategy building and implementation
  • Sales finalization
  • The follow up of the legal, financial, technical processes with the client.
  • Customer care after the contract

Our team plans and closes important cycles within a project, ensuring not only the achievement of the objectives under an ambitious sales budget, but also overcoming the difficulties of time limits and market constraints. Through this process, we provide a plan for project self-financing while avoiding liquidity issues.
The focus of Inovess Construction and Management is the coordination of a quality product and service by the construction company in accordance with the interests and goals of the customers. In this management process, with dedication and professionalism, Inovess guarantees added value and success for a residential, commercial or tourist project.