INOVESS / The first company that manages construction projects in Albania

Construction has been and remains one of the most important sectors for the impact it has on the development of our country's economy. Over the years and currently we encounter projects with high development potential in tourism or housing. The market constantly has supply and demand for sale and purchase. In the recent years it is noted an increase in new projects both in Tirana and in coastal areas, but it is also evident the increase of the demands of the buyers and the increase of the competition between projects. The success of a project is measured by its sales and to succeed in sales you need coordination of all processes and a professional staff.

In response to market demands, but also to construction companies, comes "Inovess", a company that subcontracts processes and manages daily work focused on sales and marketing. This business is the first of its kind in our country, being distinguished from other management and "real estate" companies.

Under its leadership is Klodiana Ajazi, who comes from a long experience in the construction sector in the largest companies/corporations in Albania, in a leading position in the most important projects developed so far. Klodiana shares with readers of Bordeaux magazine some information about Inovess and her idea to bring something different to this market.

How did the idea of creating such a business model come about?

Long experience in this field makes me know every element of a project in the construction sector, especially in relation to sales, which is the primary goal of a project. Also being part of this industry, managing various projects, has helped me know the needs of investors. INOVESS comes as a response to a chaotic market, without the necessary structures for successful management of construction projects.

Why did you choose the name INOVESS for your business?

The word INOVESS is the union of two words; Innovation and Investment.
Innovation, as it is the first company of its kind in Albania, which is operating in the construction industry. Investment, as our work is directly related to investment in various forms; the essence of a project is the return on investment and we take care to offer it at the right time and amount for the investor, monetary and emotional investment of the customer buyer, professional investment in human resources, etc.

What is the added value that Inovess gives to a project during its management?

Professional coordination of a series of processes by reducing time and costs, guaranteed sales in a short time, project self-financing, trained professional staff, satisfied customers, control of various links within the company as a result of clear procedures of work that are dictated in relation to all departments.

What projects does your portfolio currently contain?

We currently manage residential projects in the city of Tirana as well as tourism projects in the form of Resorts in coastal cities. Part of our portfolio are 8 important projects, where 3 of them are tourist resorts and 5 are residential residences.

In your sector you have already established a reputation for your sales skills. What makes a person successful in sales?

I think selling after all is a talent, and it requires the will to grow and improve constantly. In any case, integrity, trust and communication are key elements to success.

How difficult was it for Albanian builders to agree to leave the management of their projects to another company with external structures?

We have had different reactions. We have managed to close management agreement within a day after presenting our proposed plans, just as we have faced skepticism.

In our beginnings, the belief in this form of management we must say was not enough, but today, the builders themselves are the ones who contact us to get a proposal plan and trust us with their projects, where there are definitely objectives determined to achieve the needed results.

How do you achieve success in sales for different projects at the same time?

We have a professional staff as sales managers, who work independently for each project. Also, most importantly, we have the right procedures and strategy to develop the sales of a construction company. Marketing and experience are our strong weapons, but the extensive network in Albania and abroad definitely helps us.

Do you have a partner network outside Albania?
Yes, INOVESS has established a network of sales partners in countries such as: Kosovo, Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The partnership is with offices dedicated to sales and "real estate", and these collaborations are an important element that help us generate customers, especially for tourism projects

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