What you need to know when buying a house.

Qualities you need to consider before buying a house.

The process of buying a house has a special economic and emotional significance for the family. In such cases, consulting a specialist in the field is advisable, but in the meantime we come to your aid with this article to make the search process easier.

Estimate the real price in the market.
Prices for a house vary depending on the area and the specifics of the house. In a simple search, it is noticed that the differences in price even for the same measuring variables are large. In these conditions it is important to consult with specialists in the field, where based on their experience, you can get a realistic price estimate. In any case, do not forget that a good online search to estimate prices in advance will help you.

Choose building quality above average.
When we take the big step of buying a house, we assume a long-term stay in it, so a very important element in the selection is the quality of construction (which will include all technical construction materials). Referring to the market, the quality of construction should be above the average used so far in Albania, where the main elements that you should focus on are thermal insulation and waterproofing. The quality of construction automatically translates into cost for the purchasing client.

Choose high quality thermal insulation for energy saving.
Thermal insulation is already seen as a necessity for our houses. Experts advise that in the case of buying a house, thermal insulation should be a condition! Technically, thermal insulation serves to maintain constant temperatures in the house, which translates into energy savings. Check the quality of the windows, the insulation of the exterior walls.

High quality waterproofing.
And while we talk about the necessary conditions that a house must meet, we undoubtedly focus on waterproofing, as humidity is one of the most harmful elements for the health of family members. Make sure that exterior walls, exhaust pipes, ceilings, are quality waterproofed and have a warranty for years.

Choose a functional organization.
Having a well-organized house translates into efficiency and effectiveness in daily living.
Make sure that the environment for which you will invest does not have columns in the center of the house which prevent its rearrangement. The rooms should be clearly separated to fit the needs of the family, but also be maneuverable in a second moment.

Look for parking opportunities in the area.
When starting the search for a house it is important to be careful about parking as well. Ideally it would be to purchase parking in the same building, but if that is not possible, at least check if the surrounding area offers you a parking opportunity.

Choose a property near the services and facilities you need.
Each of us has our own needs and lifestyle, and accordingly, you should choose to invest in a property near an area that can provide access to basic services. The most important thing would be to choose a property with access to public transport lines.

Orientation to the sun.
It is very important that the house is oriented towards the sun, not only because of the light it provides to the house, which makes it even more aesthetically beautiful and increases the spirit of optimism in its members, but also because the sunlight is considered as one of the best elements of natural disinfection.

Existence of balcony.
Having a balcony at home is very important, even according to professionals!
The balcony in the house is important not only because it increases the area of the house in square meters and creates the idea that you have a big house, but also because we all need a space to serve as an oasis of relaxation, where you can sit and read something in the fresh air or even enjoy coffee or tea in the company of family!

Ventilation and normal windows.
Ventilation of the house is among the main elements, so specialists advise windows of normal size in order for air to enter and exit! A house with small windows is not advisable, as the aromas created in the environment, for example the aromas of cooking, etc., will stay in the spaces of the house, making the stay not at all comfortable!

Legal security
If it is under construction, choose the builder carefully, as security for its completion comes first.
Having a house without the relevant documentation, excludes you from the title "owner" for which you have invested life savings! So be careful, before you decide to buy the property, you should ask whether or not the procedure for issuing the ownership certificate has been completed!

*And finally, experience has shown that the ideal house is the house which in the first moment you see it, feels that it should become yours!

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