In the construction sector Inovess Construction and Management maintains the core values of quality, service and integrity. We believe that work has the best results when the most innovative techniques are applied, when labor is valued and honesty leads in every process. Our team distinguishes for finding optimal solutions for every problem that our clients have in the implementation of each project regardless of the degree of difficulty. We have a special priority in the dignified treatment of our employees. Their experience of many years is a precious asset to us. Our team plans and closes project cycles in construction or reconstruction ensuring the achievement of objectives within the budget and timelines with a high quality.

  • Implementation of works for civil and industrial constructions
  • Reconstruction of residential and service buildings

Inovess Construction and Management
becomes part of the construction company staff by offering:

  • Feasibility study
  • Market and competition study
  • Consumer analysis
  • Business plan
  • Sales strategy building and implementation
  • Marketing strategy building and implementation
  • Sales finalization
  • The follow up of the legal, financial, technical processes with the client.
  • Customer care after the contract

About Inovess Construction and Management

Inovess has a special focus on the quality of construction of the construction projects through the implementation of works, reconstruction of residential and service buildings. With professional teams, with a long experience, we guarantee the completion of the construction cycle by offering technical solutions and respecting deadlines. Inovess Construction and Management is a company which offers a dedicated service in the construction sector since 2017. Prone to innovative solutions, is the first company in Albania that offers a service in project management with a new business model. Through subcontracting, tourism and residential projects are coordinated with a focus on sales. In project management through its services, Inovess fills the market gaps for both construction companies and clients, providing rapid progress in the successful development of a project.


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In a market with high demand in sales-purchase-rental, lending is seen as an important source of financing. For processes such as lending, both professionals and clients often come across terms that are new to them. For effective communication and ease of the process it is important to have the same meaning over the words we use.
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